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I was born and raised in Chicago, into a family of restaurateurs. In fact, I lived atop a restaurant for the first seven years of my life. Some of my most vivid childhood memories are of that kitchen, propped up on an over-turned bucket, pulling the stems off cherry tomatoes.

EXPERIENCE: My relationship with food has taken me around the country. From the home-style cooking of my family’s restaurant, to French haute cuisine, to farm to table dining, to a Michelin ranked restaurant, to an NBA player personal chef, to current (creating amazing dinner parties!) I have followed my passion from kitchen to kitchen in hopes of using my experiences to develop and define a style of cooking that was uniquely my own.

WHERE IT COMES TOGETHER: From these experiences, I have learned to create food that varies with the seasons and emphasizes eating locally grown, in season, organic food. As a result, I can add variety to my menus and hold true to my premise of creating food that not only serves a “purpose,” but is also both beautiful and delicious.

PEOPLE: I find cooking for people in their homes most rewarding. I love the challenge of satisfying a new palette, and the idea of openness, collaboration and community that only a home-based kitchen can offer. What I have also found tremendously gratifying is the fact that the individuals and families I have had the pleasure to work with were time and again amazed that one’s diet does not have to be limited or tasteless in order to be “healthy.” In fact, I was able to introduce them to a world of healthy possibilities and flavors. In addition to my personal chef services, I am also currently acting as consultant to a individual that is looking to take fast-food eating in a new and healthy direction, and I continue to do in-home consultations, intimate dinner parties, and catering with a number of individuals, ranging from strict vegans to the rib loving carnivore, always with the one goal in mind – teaching them how to “eat for life!”

A Review: Károly is an amazing young chef!
I was overwhelmed trying to put together a dinner party for 18 and a friend suggested I phone Plated Creations – so happy I did.
I assumed I would be working off a preset menu or humdrum “menu suggestions,” however, I was pleasantly surprised that this was most certainly NOT the case. Károly spent a good deal of time listening to me, (or rather, tolerating me!), trying to get what he called, “my vision for the event.” Based on what we discussed, he came up with a customized menu for the dinner that incorporated my wishes and his invention, and, whose final reveal impressed – ALL!
A few of the guests have traveled wide and far, and I was most concerned that they would find the dinner uninspiring. I also had a mix of people from different circles and was anxious that the environment would be tense and uncomfortable. Károly suggested an interactive hors d’oeuvres hour to start the night (build your own sushi, flat bread, spring rolls) along with him preparing a few things in front of the guests, welcoming participation and questions! Amazing – both the concept and the food! The guests all joined in, mingled and were chatting away before we even sat down to dinner.
The night got off to a roaring start…and things just got better from there. The sit-down portion of the meal was delightful (and he even took particular care of the vegan in attendance)!
A staff of four servers and a bartender which he brought along were all professional and courteous . Set-up, cleaned up and I actually enjoyed the night as well!
I cannot offer anything but praise for this charming and talented young man… and the least I can do in light of the exceptional evening he created for us is to share him with all of you!
We are eagerly looking froward (never thought I would say this) to hosting our next get together!
-Mrs. Bartlett


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